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Berlin based Mesut Gürsoy is the brains and pulse behind MST.


An accomplished and highly skilled drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Mesut has toured extensively with a variety of international acts and contributed to several releases.


Growing up in a still divided Germany with a Turkish father and German mother, Mesut draws influence from his experiences of a youth filled with an ever-changing sense of identity and belonging - high tension and isolation are common themes in his work.


After experimenting with various line-ups and instruments as a songwriter and producer, his core setup finally took the form of acoustic drums, looper, synthesizer and laptop, which allowed for the birth of MST in 2017, starting out as a pure live act with overwhelming energy and constantly evolving livesets.

September 18, 2020 marked the release of the debut EP "Exeunt, Vol. 1". For the recordings, MST has opened up to additional instruments such as vibraphone, piano and strings.

On "Exeunt, Vol. 1", energetic, cutting edge drum beats are combined with minimalistic, hypnotic motives to create a powerfully complex, cinematic landscape of sound.

"Exeunt, Vol.1" packs a punch. It’s a captivating, polyrhythmic labyrinth that rides a hard edge between analogue and electronic music.

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