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Mesut found his escape in music at the age of eight years, when starting to listen to hardcore bands and teaching himself how to play drums and guitar. With his first band he played gigs from the age of twelve on, founding a local hardcore community with the neighbourhood boys. Soon after that, Mesut was playing gigs throughout Germany, discovering an anarchist, post wall Berlin, as well as the benefits of drum and piano lessons.

From the age of twenty on he was touring internationally with different line ups, now fully focussed on drums, thriving for technical improvement on the instrument. Lessons with Jojo Mayer (Nerve) and John Riley at the Manhattan School of Music, NY are two of many stations of Mesut's mentoring, strengthening his determination for expressing himself on drums in a creative way.

With acts such as Austin,Texas based East Cameron Folkcore (Grand Hotel v. Cleef Rec.), Roman Fischer (Universal/Vertigo) and Tubbe (Audiolith Rec.), Mesut has performed at Festivals such as Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Haldern Pop, the Chiemsee Summer Festival and the Norwegian Oyafestival as well as support shows for British acts HURTS and Stereophonics and Scottish Art Rock band Aereogramme. With Indie Rock band Cosmic Casino there are two album releases on Stickman Records and a documentary on the renowned cultural TV show ARTE Tracks. Further artists of collaborations and recordings are ABAY and Doctorella.


Cities in which Mesut has played in include Amsterdam, Budapest, Istanbul, Kiev, London, Melbourne, Oslo, Paris, Vienna and Zurich.


Further artist collaborations are Norwegian singer Kaja Bremnes aka Jackie Charles, Fusion guitar player Haymo Doerk and Australian artist Madeleine Duke.

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